“Because of the suffering of the weak, and because of the cries of the poor, I will now rise up,” says the Lord.”

Psalm 12:5


Psalm 12:5


We're a MOVEMENT, not a company.

We are here to help you change the world, not break your bank.

At Mission Movement, our goal is to give non-profit organizations the opportunity to propel themselves to new levels of success.

We are actively seeking like-minded organizations that have a great message, but need help in getting it out. 

At Mission Movement, we believe that in all of us, lies the spark to ignite change in our communities around us. We are committed to helping your organization discover your spark.

You are not in this alone. We are here to help!

Our team

Mission Movement is a melting pot of talented individuals who are committed to impacting communities around us and preserving freedom.

 Our diverse team includes: political consultants, therapists, non-profit leaders and video production professionals. 


At Mission Movement we believe that our faith is the “light unto our path”. This principle is essential to our success and has shaped the following core values of our company:


  • We believe and stand by the Word of God.
  • We believe in the sanctity of life.
  • We believe that as a nation, we are our brother’s keeper.
  • We will support those whom will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
  • We are committed to telling our communities the truth.

Founded in 2017, Mission Movement is a Christ-centered organization that’s committed to assisting non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the communities they serve. 

Mission Movement will boost your organization’s credibility and efficiency by utilizing modern techniques to deliver your core focal points. 

We believe there exists within us all, a spark capable of changing the world. We are here to ignite that spark.